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Cancun is the main town on Mayan Riviera, located on the side of the Yucatan peninsula facing the Caribbean Sea. The holiday experience includes not only bathing at the palm-lined beaches and snorkeling in the world, but also life and excursions to Mayan cities. More and more people are discovering how much Mexico has to offer and we are helping with everything from simple apartment hotels to five star luxury resorts. And we will fly you comfortably to Cancun with direct flights from UK airports including Birmingham, Gatwick, Glasgow and Manchester.

Cancun Peninsula

Cancun – peninsula and lagoon

Cancun – an island peninsula

Cancun, which offers both urban and beach environment is very popular, especially among tourists from USA and Canada. The hotel area is situated spectacularly on an elongated island, connected to the mainland by bridges at both ends of the island.

Many holiday activities

Cancun dishes up a cornucopia of holiday temptations. With everything from elegant hotel pools and palm-lined beaches, diving centers, water sports, shopping centers, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Amusement Life culminates in March, where young Americans are celebrating “Spring Break”. Then the whole of Cancun marked by festive mood with strandpartys and days open bars.

Restaurants with a local touch

Want to experience more of the Mexican daily life, just go into the “downtown” Cancun – the original centre on the mainland, where there are many charming local restaurants.

Snorkelling World

Near Cancun are some of the world’s best snorkeling sites. Right outside the coast runs the Great Mayan Reef, the world’s second longest coral reef. Even beginners can benefit greatly from a half day snorkeling, where the surface a few metres above the reef can see turtles, parrot fish, clown fish and other coral world of colorful residents.

Cenotes – snorkeling in caves

Furthermore, you can go on organized excursions into the country and snorkel in the so-called cenotes. It’s underground caves that are half filled with fresh water, and where to swim among stalagmite formations in the enchanting artificial light.

Mayan Temples in the jungle

Tour options for culture lovers are equally stunning. It was precisely in this area that the Maya culture had its heyday until the Spanish invasion in 1520. Our guided tour takes you to the temple cities like Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum.

Mexican Pyramids and ancient ball courts

Most impressive in size solpyramiderne as exterior has steep stairs on all four sides. At least as fascinating temple ruins, the astronomical observatories, the mathematically sophisticated calendars and arenas, where you played a ritual ball game where the loser was sentenced to death. Want the most out of your visit, you must bet on our excursions with an English speaking guide.

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