Underwater Museum Cancun

A fantastic idea wonderfully executed…..

Underwater Museum Cancun

Underwater Sculpture Cancun

Underwater Art Museum Cancun

Jason de Caires Taylor Sculpture Cancun

This underwater arts museum is found near Cancun / Isla Mujeres.

The British artist behind the scheme is Jason de Caires Taylor (pictured amongst the sculptures below), who trained at Camberwell College of Art.

Jason de Caires Taylor Underwater

The underwater gallery gives a unique perspective, some nine metres underwater the installation (which covers around four hundred square metres) is very accessible from Cancun – around ten minutes on a Catamaran or boat. With the special light from the Cancun sun, this gallery in the Caribbean sea is like no other art exhibition.

 Museo Subacuático de Arte

The sculptures are designed to be environmentally friendly – made from PH neutral materials that will promote the growth of corals and provide a habit for marine creatures. Thinking about it, the underwater museum while obviously providing a growth in the number of tourists snorkelling and diving will also provide an alternative to the reef and could therefore help conservation of the reef by being a “distraction” to divers and snorkellers. A fusion of art and nature, nature can create great beauty that in all honesty humans alone can never achieve.

It will be fascinating to watch the Cancun underwater scultptures develop and change over time. For visitors fortunate enough to take regular holidays to Cancun, it will be a place you can visit again and again.